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2014 KTM Duke 690 ABS

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2014 KTM Duke 690 ABS
2014 KTM Duke 690 ABS
2014 KTM Duke 690 ABS
2014 KTM Duke 690 ABS
2014 KTM Duke 690 ABS
2014 KTM Duke 690 ABS
2014 KTM Duke 690 ABS
2014 KTM Duke 690 ABS
2014 KTM Duke 690 ABS
2014 KTM Duke 690 ABS
2014 KTM Duke 690 ABS
2014 KTM Duke 690 ABS
2014 KTM Duke 690 ABS
2014 KTM Duke 690 ABS
2014 KTM Duke 690 ABS
2014 KTM Duke 690 ABS
2014 KTM Duke 690 ABS
2014 KTM Duke 690 ABS
2014 KTM Duke 690 ABS
2014 KTM Duke 690 ABS
2014 KTM Duke 690 ABS

Price: $5,395


Final Price: $4,995

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  • Stock #: WU1104
  • VIN: VBKLDT405EM763160
  • Mileage: 13059
  • Engine: 690 cc (42.1 ci) Liquid cooled Single-Cylinder
  • Exterior Color: White/orange

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Dealer Comments:

"The most cutting-edge series production single-cylinder of our times and a precision chassis with a wealth of outstanding components turn every trip on the 690 Duke into an incomparable and unforgettable riding experience."-KTM

And that sums up almost every review on this bike!!!

Seemingly designed for the Bay Area, this 690 Duke can tackle rush hour commute riding or tearing up the twisties to Alice's on the weekend. Ergonomic seating and wide bars offer tons of control and a comfortable ride for multiple hours.

-"KTM" Orange Aluminum Reservoir Caps
- Paint Matching Engine Protection Bars - Side Case Mounts (luggage not included)

- Full Service completed at KTM shop 1,000 miles ago
- New Front and Rear Tires
- Full Brake Fluid Flush
- Chain Service
- Multipoint Safety Inspection

- Single-cylinder, 4-stroke, spark-ignition engine, liquid-cooled
- Displacement 690 cm³
- Performance 50 kW (67 hp)
-Weight without fuel approx. 149.5 kg

The new Duke is equipped with the latest version of the legendary LC4: A whole 690 cm³ of displacement, twin ignition featuring plug-selective mapping for the best and most effective combustion, plus extended service intervals of 10,000 km and even lower fuel consumption – never has it been as elegant, cultivated, sporty and effective to be powered by one cylinder. And never has the need for more cylinders been more questionable. 50 kW (68 PS) provide, thanks also to ride-by-wire, extremely powerful and free-revving thrust at all engine speeds, hence making light work of the equally lightweight 690 Duke. It has adopted such well-known standard production goodies such as active engine casing ventilation and the slipper clutch that effectively prevents rear wheel chatter when down-shifting hard.

The finely balanced crank drive of the 690 single-cylinder converts terrific combustion pressure into unrivalled single-power – thanks to its balancer shaft, which eliminates vibration even better than ever without having any detrimental effect on the life of the super-single.

The electronic engine management system always gets optimum performance out of the ingenious LC4 engine. More advanced technology than ever is taken advantage of in 2012 for this purpose: Twin ignition with individual mapping for each spark plug ensures that the mixture is always burned effectively, irrespective of load and engine speed. And then genuine ride-by-wire, in other words electronically controlled throttle valve actuation without any mechanical linkage. So that the electronics always apply the power as perfectly and therefore smoothly as possible, above all on transition from throttle closed to throttle open. How good does that feel? Simply indescribable. So check it out!

Thanks to the mechanical and electrical refinements, the new 690 Duke uses even less fuel than ever. Even though the last Duke had already won international consumption comparison test rides with ease. Duke riding will therefore be even more economical and environmentally friendly, while remaining unashamedly fleet-footed, sporty and dynamic.

The Duke not only impresses with low weight and perfect chassis geometry; the centralisation of masses – for example, by positioning the brushed stainless steel pre-silencer under the engine – also contributes to its playful handling and razor-sharp precision.

The disengageable dual-circuit ABS system with 9M+ modulator tuned in cooperation with Bosch offers total protection against over-braking, while maintaining the full effect and perfect feedback of a genuine sports brake thanks to very fine sensors. Weighing no more than one kilogramme, the ABS system therefore allows extremely sporty braking. And prevents nose-overs actively and effectively.

Lightweight components in a large, lightweight entirety: The 9 kg lightweight tubular space frame made from chrome-molybdenum steel and the 4 kg lightweight, high-quality, pin-jointed, die-cast swingarm impress with extreme levels of torsional stiffness, providing the less than 150 kg 690 Duke with excellent tracking stability.

Well-equipped for every situation: The WP upside-down fork on the Duke with a 43 mm upright tube diameter and the pivot-arm articulated WP pressurised-gas monoshock excel with perfect tuning and an unbelievably broad spectrum of use for all demands, from relaxed cruising to racing around closed circuits.

The Duke’s extremely powerful and easily applied Brembo® brakes impress with outstanding controllability. At the front wheel, a radially-mounted, four-piston, fixed brake calliper bites onto a floating, 320 mm brake disc.

The disengage able dual-circuit ABS system with 9M+ modulator tuned in cooperation with Bosch offers total protection against over-braking, while maintaining the full effect and perfect feedback of a genuine sports brake thanks to very fine sensors. Weighing no more than one kilogram, the ABS system therefore allows extremely sporty braking. And prevents nose-overs actively and effectively.

Standard Specifications


  • Engine: Standard
  • Engine Brand Name: LC4
  • Engine Type: Single-Cylinder
  • Cylinders: 1
  • Engine Stroke: 4-Stroke
  • Horsepower (bhp): 67
  • Horsepower (kW): 50
  • Cooling: Liquid
  • Valves: 4
  • Valves Per Cylinder: 4
  • Valve Configuration: OHV
  • Bore (mm): 102
  • Bore (in): 4.02
  • Stroke (mm): 84.5
  • Stroke (in): 3.33
  • Displacement (cc): 690
  • Displacement (ci): 42.1
  • Compression Ratio: 12.6:1
  • Starter: Electric
  • Fuel Type: Gas
  • Fuel Requirements: Premium
  • Carburetion: Standard
  • Carburetion Brand: Keihin
  • Fuel Injector: Yes
  • Carburetor: No
  • Carburetion Type: Fuel Injected
  • Parental Controls: Not Available
  • Other Engine: Not Available


  • Dimensions: Standard
  • Wheelbase (in): 57.7
  • Wheelbase (mm): 1466
  • Ground Clearance (in): 7.6
  • Ground Clearance (mm): 192
  • Weight: Standard
  • Dry Weight (lbs): 329.6
  • Dry Weight (kg): 149.5
  • Capacities: Standard
  • Fuel Capacity (gal): 3.7
  • Fuel Capacity (l): 14
  • Performance: Standard
  • Engine Displacement to Weight (cc): 2.09


  • Steering: Standard
  • Steering Control: Handlebar


  • Wheels: Standard
  • Wheels Composition: Aluminum
  • Chromed: No
  • Tires: Standard
  • Tire Brand: Michelin
  • Front Tire Width: 120
  • Front Tire Aspect Ratio: 70
  • Front Tire Speed Rating: 58W
  • Front Wheel Diameter: 17
  • Rear Tire Width: 160
  • Rear Tire Aspect Ratio: 60
  • Rear Tire Speed Rating: 69W
  • Rear Wheel Diameter: 17
  • Front Tire (Full Spec): Michelin
  • Rear Tire (Full Spec): Michelin
  • Spare Tire: Not Available
  • Other Wheels & Tires: Not Available


  • Seat: Standard
  • Seat Type: Two-Piece
  • Seat Location: Driver and Passenger
  • Seat Material: Vinyl
  • Adjustable: No
  • Folding: Yes
  • Seat Specifications: Standard
  • Seat Height (in): 32.9
  • Seat Height (mm): 835
  • Number Of Seats: 2
  • Seat Backrest: Not Available
  • Seat Rail: Not Available
  • Grab Rail or Strap: Standard
  • Heated Seat: Not Available
  • Sidecar: Not Available
  • Other Seat: Not Available


  • Hard Side Cases: Not Available
  • Saddle Bag(s): Not Available
  • Side Storage Mount: Not Available
  • Fork Bag: Not Available
  • Tail Bag: Not Available
  • Leather Storage: Not Available
  • Glove Box / Dash Storage: Not Available
  • Front Rack: Not Available
  • Front Rack Storage: Not Available
  • Rear Rack: Not Available
  • Rear Rack Storage: Not Available
  • Side Rack: Not Available
  • Side Rack Storage: Not Available
  • Bag Liners: Not Available
  • Cupholder: Not Available
  • Sidecar Storage Cover: Not Available
  • Helmet Storage: Not Available
  • Sidecar Front Rack: Not Available
  • Sidecar Rear Rack: Not Available
  • Sidecar Fender Rack: Not Available
  • Sidecar Trunk: Not Available


  • Rearview Mirrors: Standard
  • Windshield: Not Available
  • Sidecar Windshield: Not Available


  • Radio: Not Available
  • Speakers: Not Available
  • Cassette Player: Not Available
  • CD Player: Not Available
  • CB Radio: Not Available
  • Intercom: Not Available
  • Headset: Not Available
  • Other Audio & Communication: Not Available


  • Paint: Standard
  • Secondary Color: Not Available
  • Metallic: No
  • Decal Kit: Standard
  • Other Paint & Finish: Not Available



  • Transmission: Standard
  • Transmission Type: Manual
  • Number Of Speeds: 6
  • Overdrive: Yes
  • Primary Drive (Rear Wheel): Chain
  • Gear Ratio (1): 2.5
  • Gear Ratio (2): 1.75
  • Gear Ratio (3): 1.33
  • Gear Ratio (4): 1.1
  • Gear Ratio (5): 0.96
  • Gear Ratio (6): 0.87
  • Final Drive Ratio: 2.19
  • Heel Toe Shifter: Not Available
  • Adjustable Throttle: Not Available
  • Other Transmission: Not Available


  • Construction: Standard
  • Frame: Chromium Molybdenum
  • Floor Boards: Not Available
  • Foot Pegs: Standard
  • Foot Peg Location: Driver and Passenger
  • Hand Grips: Standard
  • Handlebars: Standard
  • Handlebar Pads: Not Available
  • Exterior Guards: Standard
  • Belt Guard: No
  • Brush Guard: No
  • Chain Guard: Yes
  • Drive Shaft Guard: No
  • Engine Case Guard: No
  • Exhaust Guard: Yes
  • Fork Guards: Yes
  • Hand Guards: No
  • Heel Guards: No
  • Light Guard: No
  • Saddle Bag Guard: No
  • Exterior Covers: Standard
  • Front Fender: Standard
  • Front Fender Trim: Not Available
  • Front Fender Rail: Not Available
  • Rear Fender: Standard
  • Rear Fender Trim: Not Available
  • Rear Fender Rail: Not Available
  • Tank Divider: Not Available
  • Stand: Standard
  • Stand Type: Kick
  • Upper Fairing: Not Available
  • Lower Fairing: Not Available
  • Spoiler: Standard
  • Skid Plate: Not Available
  • Wind Deflector: Not Available
  • Other Exterior: Not Available


  • Front Suspension: Standard
  • Front Suspension Brand Name: WP
  • Front Suspension Type: Inverted Fork
  • Front Suspension Size (in): 1.7
  • Front Suspension Size (mm): 43
  • Front Travel (in): 5.3
  • Front Travel (mm): 135
  • Front Adjustable Fork Pre-Load: Yes
  • Front Adjustable Rebound Damping: Yes
  • Front Central Suspension Strut: No
  • Rear Suspension: Standard
  • Rear Suspension Brand Name: WP
  • Rear Suspension Type: Twin Sided Swing Arm
  • Rear Suspension Material: Aluminum
  • Rear Travel (in): 5.3
  • Rear Travel (mm): 135
  • Rear Adjustable Shock / Spring Pre-Load: Yes
  • Rear Adjustable Rebound Damping: Yes
  • Number Rear Shock Absorbers: 1
  • Air Adjustable: No


  • Brakes: Standard
  • Brake Brand Name: Brembo
  • Front Brake Type: Disc
  • Front Brake Diameter (in): 12.6
  • Front Brake Diameter (mm): 320
  • Rear Brake Type: Disc
  • Rear Brake Diameter (in): 9.5
  • Rear Brake Diameter (mm): 240
  • Anti-Lock Brakes: Standard
  • Linked Brake System Front to Rear: Standard
  • Other Brakes: Not Available


  • Digital Instrumentation: Standard
  • Clock: Standard
  • Speedometer: Standard
  • Tachometer: Standard
  • Trip Odometer: Standard
  • Trip Computer: Not Available
  • Compass: Not Available
  • Navigation System: Not Available
  • GPS: Not Available
  • Lap Timer: Not Available
  • Fuel Level Warning: Standard
  • Fuel Level Warning Type: Light
  • Oil Pressure Gauge: Not Available
  • Temperature Warning: Standard
  • Temperature Warning Type: Light
  • Shift Light: Not Available
  • Service Reminder: Not Available
  • Multi-Lingual Instrumentation: Not Available
  • Other Instrumentation: Not Available


  • Headlight(s): Standard
  • Type: Halogen
  • Halogen Headlight(s): Standard
  • Fog Lights: Not Available
  • Headlight Mounting Bar: Not Available
  • Headlight Visor: Not Available
  • Turn Signal Visor: Not Available
  • Passing Lamps: Not Available
  • Passing Lamp Visors: Not Available
  • Other Lights: Not Available


  • Keyless Ignition: Not Available
  • Power Outlet: Not Available
  • Cruise Control: Not Available
  • Adjustable Handlebars: Not Available
  • Adjustable Levers: Not Available
  • First Aid Kit: Not Available
  • Other Convenience: Not Available


  • Saddle Bag Mounts: Not Available
  • Side Case Mount: Not Available
  • Tool Bag Mount: Not Available
  • Windshield Mounts: Not Available


  • Special Package: Not Available


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