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3asy Way

The ‘3asy Way’ was developed by BMW Motorcycles of Concord as a means to give motorcycle buyers a simpler, more affordable and predictable means of purchasing and owning new BMW Motorcycles. If you want the ability to trade up to a new BMW Motorcycle every few years and the peace of mind that comes with prepaid maintenance and protection from the unexpected, the ‘3asy Way’ is for you. Here’s the deal…

Purchase any new BMW Motorcycle (excluding G 310 R) utilizing BMW Financial Services’ 36-month ‘3asy Ride’ financing.*

Enjoy heavily discounted, bundle-pricing on prepaid maintenance, tire & wheel protection and GAP insurance plans.

  • Includes standard services as outlined by BMW Motorrad’s factory maintenance schedules. Covers up to 6 services in 36 months so including the 600 mile break-in service you can get all the way to 30,000 miles in the first 3 years without coming out of pocket for your services.
  • Includes tire and wheel replacement for up to 4 tires and wheels in the event of road hazards such as potholes, nails, etc. Does not cover tire replacement necessitated by normal wear but we all know how common flats are on motorcycles and this plan protects you from the unanticipated expense of tire and/or wheel replacement in the event you run over something vicious.
  • Includes 36-month GAP insurance that will cover any shortfall between the principal amount owed on your bike and an insurance payout in the event of a total loss (crash, theft, etc.). We always hope customers will never have to use their GAP policy but things happen and GAP protects you from having to use cash to pay off a lien on a totaled motorcycle. Which we can say from experience is a ‘kick ’em when they’re down’ kinda deal when it happens.

You own the motorcycle so you can decide when it’s time for an upgrade but we’ve tailored the ‘3asy Way’ to make trading in your bike after 2 – 3 years a smooth and pleasant experience. When properly cared for, you should be able to roll right into another new BMW Motorcycle purchase using the ‘3asy Way’ with nothing out of pocket.

No more worrying about how much your next service is gonna cost…

No more being bummed out when you find a chunk of metal in your tire…

No more getting buried by a sudden lien payoff being due in the event of a total loss situation…

Simple payments…

Smooth trade up to a new motorcycle every 2 – 3 years…

This is the ‘3asy Way’…

To learn more about this very special program, we encourage you to call our sales department at (925) 954-4121 or e-mail our sales guru Nathan at and ask for the ‘3asy Way’. We’ll be happy to provide you with all of the specifics and pricing on the exact bike you’ve been dreaming of. You’re gonna love owning a new BMW Motorcycle the ‘3asy Way’!

*Requires credit approval from BMW Financial Services. Credit application must be submitted to BMW Financial Services before final monthly payments and pricing can be determined. Interest rates vary depending on credit score.

PS. Some folks have asked why is it ‘3asy Way’ instead of just the ‘Easy Way’ afterall that’s easier to know how to pronounce. Well fear not, we’ve got an explanation for ya’. First off, we just pronounce it as if the ‘3’ were an ‘E’ so it’s fine to just say or even write ‘Easy Way’. But BMW Motorrad created and trademarked their special financing program called ‘3asy Ride’ a few years back and since this product utilizes ‘3asy Ride’ financing we thought it made sense to stick with the ‘3asy’. PLUS the ‘3asy Way’ is structured around a 3-year loan, includes 3 products that don’t come standard with BMW Motorcycles and each of those products have a 3-year term. And on top of all that… 3 is my favorite/lucky number so I mean why not?

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